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Movement Laboratory

(for children from 6 months to 9 yo)

The laboratory is a place where children develop through movement. Carefully designed environments stimulate their curiosity bringing about motions in a playful manner. This gives them the possibility to fortify or broaden skills like balance and coordination, and reinforces confidence.

Motopedagogical Playground

(for children from 6 to 24 months old)

The Motopedagogical Playground is an environment with specifically designed equipment that challenges children to move and experiment safely in various non-binding ways.

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Movement Building Yard

(for children from 2 to 6 yo)

The building yard is where children create their own movement environment autonomously. Simple construction elements such as logs, boards, posts, car tires, tubes and so on are provided for them to give possibilities for climbing, swinging, rotating, throwing, riding, balancing etc. Children then play in their yard.

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Movement Landscape

(for children from 3 to 10 yo)

In the landscape, equipment and materials demanding all sorts of movements and challenges are constructed and arranged in a different constellation every week. The children themselves decide in which ways they want use them calling on their observation and creativity.

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Circus courses

(for children from 7 to 19 yo)

Circus KAOS is where children and young people meet in order to experiment and make circus the way they want. Those attending will wander in a gymnasium full of circus materials and will be free to try and learn anything that makes them curious. At the end of the circus year, they will have the possibility to share their art and skills and put together a small show.

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Summer Circus Day Camps

(for children and people of youth from 8 to 15 yo)

Since 2012 Circus KAOS puts together a week-long of circus fun. We play, we learn, and we do circus inside and outside. Check out some pictures to see what it’s like. We’ll have a downloadable pdf with more info here when we start taking registrations in the spring.

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Time and again we offer special workshops for young people. We also collaborate with the Zirkusakademie Wien which provides circus-related workshops for adults.

Zirkusakademie Wien

Open Space Training

The open circus training of Circus KAOS offers a space in order to train (circus) skills individually or with a group without guided training. There are a lot of circus materials on site that can be used (unicycles, aerial silks, walking globes, trampoline, aerial ring, trapeze etc.).

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Zirkusakademie Wien

The Zirkusakademie Wien (Circus Academy of Vienna) offers a circus education programme and workshops for adults (17 yo and more).

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Be a sponsor

Circus KAOS is a non-profit project which is in need of sponsors and patrons. With the suppport of sponsors it has already been possible for us time and again to realize big projects in Vienna, Austria and abroad since 1991. We’re happy to receive sponsoring offers from companies as well as individuals and we have numerous ideas on how you can take part in our projects.