Hope Flowers comes by some kaOs

Because of the worldwide state of emergency we issued a short-term call for solidarity for Hope Flowers School (https://hopeflowers.org/wp), our partner project in Bethlehem (Palestinian autonomy area). We’ve been planning a peace project with this school for a while now. Due to COViD19 and its corresponding measures they find themselves, as many others do as well, in a precarious situation.

Hope Flowers offers a neutral space, where children can learn in a protected environment. For almost two decades now the school can be demolished at any time, depending on the will of “settlers” (Jewish land occupants) and can only still exist because of some form of human rights observation through international presence and support. We issued a call for solidarity and were able to collect € 6.000,- within a short period of time, so that the school can continue their operations and peace work. We are overwhelmed, impressed and deeply touched by the generous and immediate contributions. THANK YOU to all supporters who show us that kaOs is lived in terms of a great community and unconditional solidarity. We will say thank you with self-made kaOs-face-masks 😉 !