THIS SUMMER ONLY: “kaOs bewegt”-handstand-wristbands

– A handstand to get through the crisis –
With the “kaOs bewegt”-handstand wristband-series you can get a change of perspective to get through the crisis!!!

Simple and easy to use:
Put on your “kaOs-bewegt”-handstand-wristbands and swing into a handstand, which will give you a different view of the world.

Handmade by Susanne Eppensteiner and Marlies Holecek from highquality organic cotton.
Sales and order:
Handstand-wristband-set (2 wristbands including a post-it-pad for training schedules 😉 ): € 18,-

Join our movement: #WirstehenimHandstand …for a better world!

For world peace we stand up…on our hands 🙂 !

Handstand-wristband instructions (youtube)